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The home of innovation and advanced enterprise to gain inspiration, collaborate and develop your ideas.
The home of innovation and advanced entrepreneurship. At EKINN we share your passion to create and develop innovative projects. A place where you can get inspired, collaborate with others, and develop your ideas. We put at your disposal all our resources and connections so you can venture into entrepreneurship and contribute to the development and employment creation in the city.

What EKINN is

  • A hub to accelerate and scale up innovative business projects and start-ups.
  • A hub for training and capacitation in innovation and enterprise to develop your talent.
  • The space for connections and meetings with the innovation and entrepreneurship Ecosystem.
  • The space that enables you to develop and move forward professionally through our co-working zones and offices available for rent.
  • Temporary accommodation to enable you to focus on carrying out high- potential innovative business projects.
  • The space where young talent can explore potential for professional development.

The project criteria

  • We inspire.
    We are an open space of inspiration to develop and capacitate local talent.

  • We promote.
    We are an advanced enterprise centre seeking to accelerate innovative projects and start-ups.

  • We connect.
    We act as a hub facilitating collaboration and connections between key agents operating in the ecosystem.

To do all this:

  • We assist.
    We will offer you top-quality guidance from an early age with Fomento San Sebastián´s resources to create professional growth itineraries.

  • We provide the means.
    A building which, among other aspects, provides access to central, affordable, high- quality temporary accommodation.

Enterprise targets

Whether you are a start-up or a company, a secondary school student, a VET student or a university student, EKINN provides you with specialist high added-value programmes and services to enable you to develop your talent and take your project to the next level. Inspiration, connections, assistance and resources.
  • Young people.
    We want to arouse your curiosity and help prepare you to undertake major challenges in the future. And, why not, encourage you to set up your own project in San Sebastián.

  • Start-ups.
    We offer you customised advisory and resources to accelerate your innovative and/or technology project and take it to the next level. We want to help you create, expand and consolidate.

  • Businesses.
    We are your platform to put the future on the agenda of the present, and help you launch and grow innovative high-impact projects.

  • Ecosystem.
    Being part of EKINN connects you to talent and start-ups with great potential in a dynamic opportunity-creating ecosystem which would make no sense without investors, training facilities, technology and research centres and other key players.

Why is EKINN important to San Sebastián?

  • Because innovative ideas need all the support they can get to maximise options for growth and consolidation.
  • Because collaboration is an essential ingredient of innovation and because spaces and contexts must be created to experiment and connect.
  • Because it serves to establish and complete the attractiveness of Fomento San Sebastián´s offer in closer proximity to the enterprise targets.
  • Because there is a need for spaces-hubs connecting to innovative enterprise.
  • Because the problem of access to accommodation and work spaces is a clear stumbling block in terms of retaining and attracting talent.
  • Because the ecosystems are in need of critical mass. Innovative projects create and attract new innovative projects, they boost investment mechanisms, they attract more talent and create quality jobs ... and all this creates the conditions to make the difference compared to other cities as an innovation hub.
  • And because, finally, the city needs innovative projects that can be scaled up and create wealth in terms of employment or knowledge.